Here is a brief description of the players. Score card to follow.

Seth Lipscher: Playing the part of The Edge, Seth faithfully imitates The Edge's ethereal style and sound with his vintage Fender Stratocaster and a host of guitar effects. Professionally he is the IT manager at a major Wall Street trading firm. In his spare time he skates around NY city where he makes his home.

Andy Toomey: A man of many talents, Andy lends his considerable vocal abilities to the part of Bono. His other pursuits include playing acoustic bass in a jazz trio, electric guitar in a blues combo, and various and sundry solo performances on folk and classical guitar.

Luis Vicente: Hailing from Madrid, Spain Luis fills Adam Clayton's shoes in Bonomania. In addition to his formidable bass work, Luis also lends his backing vocals to the show. When not backing up Bonomania Luis plays guitar and sings in his own Spanish rock band J&B aka Juergistas Y Borrachos.

Paul Triff: Like Larry Mullen Jr. in U2, Paul brings his own unique sound to Bonomania. His solid beats and tasty fills make the whole package complete. Paul currently makes his living as a session musician in NY, playing with such groups as the blues outfit WOOF and pop/jazz stylist Julian Vellard.